College Council

About Us
Every organization needs a governing body which can guide and motivate its members towards new horizons of success. The Advanced Business College is proud to have a council comprising of eminent personalities who have achieved great recognition and success in their respective industries and education world as well. With the support and guidance from such highly resourceful people, the college is sure about building a positive impact on the general policy direction and effective management.

Principal Officers of ABC
Chaired by Prof Emmanuel N Abakah, the College Council runs with a mission to introduce industry driven programms so that the students get maximum exposure and learning opportunities. Prof L A Boadi, Ebenezer K Ampiah, Mrs. Petrina E Ampiah, Franklin Owusu Asafo-Adjei, George Amassed Jnr. & Emmanuel K G Arhin together complete the reputed governing body of the institution. From managing the financial matters of the college to ensuring discipline and quality standards in the college, the Council handles all the jobs perfectly with their dynamic thinking and decision making abilities.

College Council
The driving force for the organization’s head cabinet is the evolution of students into learned and skilled professionals who can lead the world with their immense knowledge and expertise. Such is the dedication of the Council towards success that all the programmes introduced and run by the College become industry standards for all employers. With the hard work of the governing body, the College has been able to generate a repute of providing best return on investment in learning.

It is only because of the dedicated and sincere efforts of the team that the Advanced Business College takes pride and honour in promising an unmatched learning experience for students. The focus is not only on educating the students about various industry standards and theories, but exposing them to the highly specialized knowledge about the profession. With motivation and support from the Council, the Advanced Business College continues its march towards a new era of education. We want our students to not only be successful in their lives, but to be an agent of change, making this world a better place!
For more information about the council members, you can go through their individual profiles available below.