Computer Lab

The Computer Lab at the campus offers assistance to presently registered students, faculty, and administrative staff for making use of computer systems and software applications.Our computer lab makes available the computers, peripherals, classroom linked software, training rooms, and mechanical support.The lab is well-appointed with industrial and official tools which comprise of personal computers, computer data systems, and diverse software. The computer lab is installed with the latest brands of computers and accessories. Various latest software have been installed for the benefit of students, and staff. Latest software include – Microsoft Office Suite, Visual Studio, .Net, Oracle, Turbo C/C++ compiler, etc. (along with their versions) Microsoft office 2007, 2010, Core draw 4, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Visual C++. For Server, Windows, Red Hat LINUX,Windows server 2003, etc have been installed.

Every computer in the lab is connected to high-speed leased lines and superlative WI-FI internet connection, which runs 24/7. Indeed the lab has been equipped to ensure that both staff and students have unequalled access to information technology facilities to aid their academic and administration job functions. Whilst ensuring that staff and students have access to latest technologies to aid their work, students are accountable for all activities and/or tasks which are executed on college computer systems with respect to log-on credentials, respective passwords, and e-mail accounts. It shall be a defilement of college’s privacy policy to disseminate any such information related to college and other with the outside people.

Unofficial practice, modification, damage or revelation of Advanced Business College’s data and statistics or calculating capitals is a computer-connected corruption and shall be subjected to corrective achievement and/or illegal trial. Downloading and/or storage of any information or figure and/or resources of a pornographic, prohibited or violent nature will not be accepted and may even effect in termination of accessing computer system, and/or penalizing action and/or illegitimate hearing. Student’s Computer Account

At present, each registered scholar will have a network account mechanically created for them which empowers them to right to use:
•    Their computer account from any computer on the campus
•    Very fast Internet connectivity
•    An initialed e-mail account
•    Class-related software applications
•    Store some degree of total of work being executed on the college's network