Our Vision And Mission

Advanced Business College is a vibrant community of faculty and students whose main objective is to advance the course of development and dissemination of knowledge. ABC is an independent, coeducational institution that provides undergraduate and professional instruction in management studies and graphic design. The Vision and Mission of the institution as described below have been the guiding principle of ABC since its establishment.  No effort is spared by management, staff and student to attain these Early-Beginning.

Advanced Business College is academic center of excellence of international repute for teaching and research in management and graphic design.

The mission of the College is to:
•    provide higher education and training in academic and professional disciplines
•    undertake research
•    disseminate knowledge, and
•    foster relationships with persons and bodies in Ghana and elsewhere

In pursuance of the vision and mission of the College, the following are the guiding principles:
•    that in determining the courses to be offered, emphasis should be placed on those courses which are of special relevance to the development needs of Ghana
•    that in as far as is practicable, students should be given an understanding of computers and information technology to enable them function effectively in the global economy
•    that as far as practicable, students should be taught to use the French language effectively, both orally and in written form
•    that students should be taught methods of critical and independent reasoning, while being made aware that they have the  responsibility to use their education for the benefit of all
•    that research should be undertaken in all subjects taught in the College
•    that the fruits of research and knowledge should be spread by the publication of books and papers and by any other suitable means
•    that the  College should develop close relationships with the people and bodies within Ghana and elsewhere