Quality Assurance

At the Advanced Business College, we believe in providing our students with nothing but the best learning experience. This is why we make sure that there is no compromise with the standards and benchmarks set by the governing body of the college. The institution has an effective quality policy which ensures smooth day-to-day operations and easy functioning of the various departments. We believe that we are not only responsible for the students who are studying with us, but also their parents, families and the community as a whole. Every action of ours affects the society in a direct or indirect way. This is why we are highly concerned with the activities performed by the members of the ABC family, inside or outside the premises.

The administration has a direct involvement in the functioning of the institution, which means that every concern is handled with high importance. Extensive efforts are made to re-instate the quality standards in the campus by the management and faculty with the help and support from the students. The College Council is keenly interested in the effective and smooth functioning of the College, and this is why we do not need any external support or standardization for quality maintenance. Whether it is about the efficiency of the lectures and learning aids, or the disciplinary policies, we strictly adhere to the governing regulations and ensure that the concerns are effectively sorted. Every member of the Advanced Business College family works hard for ensuring the decorum and smooth functioning of the organization.

The prime focus areas of the quality assurance policy of the College are:
1.    Effective examination and marking policy
2.    Standardized enrollment procedures
3.    Performance and effectiveness of lectures
4.    Disciplinary regulations
5.    Smooth functioning of college administration
6.    Financial policies

We directly involve students in the process of quality assurance and ask for suggestions to make the College a better place for learning and evolution. With constant and dedicated efforts of the management, council and staff, along with the support of students, we are proud to be running an institution without any quality issues and continuing our journey towards an educated community.