Why Choose Advance Business College

Why Choose ABC!

  • Advanced Business College(ABC), a budding name in providing the best tertiary education is advancing at greater pace. We have a lively objective to be acknowledged as the undeniable leader in offering high class training and an important companion whose trademarks are outstanding faculty, high quality education, and a conventional track record of taking part in reorganization of the complete education procedure. The goal line of ABC is to formulate applicants for the trials of management and governance.


  • The campus boasts of enough lecture rooms and the seating capacity of each room ranges from 20 to 60 seats.
  • Each of the room is well ventilated and very well furnished with adequate lighting.
  • The College campus -both within and outside of lecture halls, is very favorable for execution of academic as well as extra-curricular assignments.
  • The College has well-stocked library and technically sound computer lab which has fast paced internet connectivity, available 24/7.
  • Highly qualified and proficient faculty is always present for any kind of assistance that shall be required by students.
  • The students have special union inside the campus which is named as Student’s Representative Council.
  • ABC gives healthy environment for students to develop, learn, explore and imply the knowledge, so gained.


                                          The College also provides:


  • ·         Experienced tutors and lecturers
  • ·         Register courses with flexible time table
  • ·         Worldwide recognized certificates
  • ·         A Library (opened to the public registered members)
  • ·         Internet/Wireless facility 24/7
  • ·         Online library facility at approved fees
  • ·         Computer laboratory
  • ·         Nice, well ventilated and comfortable lecture rooms
  • ·         Flexible payment plan for fees
  • ·         Student’s loan facility
  • ·         Neat accommodations for students
  • ·         Access to the National service scheme
  • ·         Attachment and letters of introduction facilities
  • ·         Conducive study environment and well-kept premises
  • ·         A Media Studio
  • ·         A spacious Pavilion for extracurricular activities
  • ·         Career counseling service Faculties


The College


We, at ABC,offer you world-class education to engrossed forerunners who shall chase their work with consistency, and educate all the sections of the society; communal, reserved, altruistic, and profitable. We are making every effort to be an educational hub of brilliance, per-eminence and of worldwide standing.

Geographical location of the College is obvious but a significant point. The College is intentionally located in the western part of Accra, the capital of Ghana. It is very near to the city center. Conveyance facilities are easily accessible.