International Students

The Advanced Business College receives a number of applications from international students who wish to join us in the journey towards a learned community. We welcome candidates from all parts of the world and make sure that they feel comfortable and get integrated into the college life. The College Management takes initiative to provide a warm and welcoming environment to all the students who come from the different nations. We do not aim at simply assisting them in passing their examinations for the course. The College provides them support to practice and implement what they learn from us. Their stay in Ghana is regulated by the Ministry of Interior and we go an extra mile in assuring their health, safety and comfort all through their tenure in the country. We motivate all our international students to participate in the activities of the College and know their fellow college mates and make new friends.

Before the beginning of every semester, we organize social events like excursions and open days where international students from all colleges can come and socialize at the Advanced Business College. While we assure our students of complete comfort and security, there is always an added peace of mind knowing someone from your home is around. There are a number of activities organized internally as well to promote the students to blend in easily. Along with this, the College Council takes a keen interest in the well-being of students who leave their home to come and study with us. The staff and management of the college make sure the students feel no difficulty in adjusting to the environment, educational standards and other elements of Ghana. In the pre-semester counseling, we equip the students with all the necessary information that they would need during their time at the Advanced Business College and in our country.

Along with the college management, the students of Ghana also make sure that their international friends feel at ease when they are in our country. We welcome all the candidates from across the world with a promise to provide not only an amazing and supportive environment for learning, but also unending opportunities for growth and a successful career.