B.Sc. Graphic Design

Initiating from a background of information growth and technology, Graphic Design employs at the crossways of imagination, communication and trade. At Advanced Business College, the programme of B.Sc. Graphic Design is expressly intended for students who are fervent about the creative arts and are also intellectually well organized to progress with their ingenious and artistic skills at the Bachelor Degree level. The College executes the four-year programme in affiliation with the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) which also administers the complete abstract package every year.

UEW also takes accountability for the certification of our BSc Graphic Design graduates Students learning the B.Sc. Graphic Design programme are taught the methodologies which are employed both in outmoded and novel computer graphic design, comprises of drawing, graphic, camerawork, print technology, design and colour theory, composition along with the standard software used in the industry. It is expected that by the end of the programme, students will be able to develop their skills in designing for publications, packaging, advertising, corporate branding and website development.

On completion of the programme, graduates will be ready for the specialized world with an assortment that will exhibit both the creative blaze in them with remarkable skills. Lecturers and their addressing sessions are actively managed and directed by UEW by making use of the College's in-house excellence assurance organization all to validate that standard teaching practices are followed. Assessment methods and approved appraisal systems have been adopted throughout the implementation of the programme. References and approvals that are made from time to time with respect to each element of the programme are acknowledged and executed by the Academic Board of the College.

The programme is intended to achieve the presentation of the knowledge and skills both in industry and in real life problem solving situation and scenarios. Students are provided the obligatory experience for the same. The B. Sc. Graphic Design programme has earned a sturdy standing for itself in terms of patronage, student presentation and involvement in industrial progress via the functional association amid the College, UEW and industry. The programme has also been subsidized extremely to the enrollment growth of general students and abstract supremacy of the College.