B Sc. Management Studies

B Sc. Management Studies with study options in Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management
By what means the domain of work and profession altering? How do worldwide markets function? How can that be put into practice and what do principled profession and entrepreneurship stands for? All these and many more are some of the significant inquiries which you consider, while learning business and management with study options in accounting and finance, marketing and human resource management. This programme includes the application of both applied and theoretical awareness.

Since many establishments look forward to accomplish professional challenges, their outlooks and potential will progressively be governed by the capabilities of their staff. Attainment of a commercial and administrating prerequisite unlocks entrances to novel prospects.The B Sc. Management Studies with study options in Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management has been planned to certify that graduates of the programme are well equipped to face the world of employment or progression in one's chosen academic progression. By all principles alumnus of the programme becomes proficient in their personal accuracy in the study option one select.

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Management Studies programme is of eight (8) semester interval.To empower scholars to distillate in specific areas of administrative movement that interest them, the programme delivers the specialization at the 300 and 400 levels. At present, field of specialty offered are Accounting &Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

Since computers play the most significant role in the present administrative affairs, the B.Sc. Management Studies subjects necessitate student’s contact with the computer system every semester. This is done to make sure that students of the respective Programme develop systematic familiarity with the use of the computer by the time graduation concludes.

This programme also takes account of extraordinary expertise in English and French to be very appropriate. English is the standard medium for communication in Ghana, and the understanding of French is essential for easier communication with our adjoining countries. For that reason, these subjects are made obligatory at level 100 of the programme. Educational approaches are intended to deliver a detailed understanding of the subject, counting the development of the system, presentation, and collaboration and communication skills required by employers.

You will advance in an acute capability for thoughtful awareness and being able to act upon the same, and you will also progress with the optimistic and practical approach to management, which holds dynamic significance in assorted business environments.