Professional Programmes

1. Journalism and media studies
Journalism and media studies are a two-year, correctly international degree offering a firm establishment for evaluating, analyzing and broadcasting worldwide ups and downs.  Structured on editorial skills, the degree proposes an exceptional amalgamation of journalism, media studies and the social sciences. Lately, journalism has industrialized and established immensely, and the accumulative petition for effectual communication has fortified the expansion of media and journalistic forms assisted by the incorporation of up-to-date and novel expertise. A highly proficient faculty and media channels operate thoroughly in alliance with each other, to run the journalism and media studies program for Advanced Business College.

2. Business Management
Business management is the progression of the development, co-ordination and control of any business. To subsist in the long run, a business must be moneymaking, lucrative and runny. In order to do so, it must build appropriate worth for its clienteles so that the profits and the proceeds which are generated out of it surpass its overall costs. The complete duty of business management is to effectively discourse the difficulties that may challenge a value-creating part for any organization. Get a practical, intensive foundation in global administration with Business Management program. Gain an understanding of how globalization affects worldwide trade, along with the complications and difficulties of the total supply chain.You will be able to procure specialized practical knowledge of the intercontinental financial system,over and above traditional and legitimate reasons that has an impact on product expansion, delivery frequencies and advancements. The business management program formulates you for an occupation in an international company, a family-owned industry or trade and additional study in an M.B.A. program.

3. Human Resource Management
This program is concrete and professional overview to the thinking, standards, strategies and practices of Human Resource Management in the framework of mounting countries and provisional economies. It is planned for participants to make available the understanding of modern growth and advancements in the HR field, and the aptitude to analytically evaluate them in the light of their individual skilled roles/experiences. It also advances a subtle indebtedness of the significance of the appropriate settings of the Human Resource Management. Any business is reliant upon the assistance of its staff to empower it to participate in the marketplace and become accustomed to upcoming fluctuations. After studying Human Resource Management, students will not only be experienced in understanding the industrial needs but also struggle to convert an affluence of assorted aptitude to drive the business frontward and set skilled principles.