Social Association

The Advanced Business College was established with a vision to make leaders of tomorrow. The College aims at making the students expert in their respective professions and also to grow them as a complete human being. From sports to intellects and education, we believe in producing a perfect personality. For this, the College organizes a number of activities, ranging from literary to outdoors, for grooming the students. For we understand that building the future of students requires much more than mere education!

The College is an active participant in various programmes and events organized by the Ghana Association of Private Universities. Our students have been competing with students from many other private universities in a number of sports and literary activities, and have been collaborating in competitions, conferences and other programmes. This helps in ensuring that our students are active in their social lives and they are aware of the world outside ABC College’s campus.

In order to help our students at every step of their learning process, we have the Students Representative Council (SRC). It is a body formulated by the College Council with social associations and synchronization as the main focus. The unit is responsible for organizing various outing plans like excursions, sight-seeing, educational tours and industrial visits for students of various departments. The aim is to bring together the entire ABC family and make the young minds of today capable enough to learn and grow from each other’s skills, knowledge and expertise.

The Students Representative Council does not only aim at providing a platform for the all-round growth and learning of the pupils, but it also works to facilitate social interactions amongst students of various disciplines, involving the international students as well. We aim at surpassing all boundaries, whether physical or political, or be it just a state of mind! We believe in the thought, “It is the virtue of a wise man to learn things he does not know”, and this is what we motivate our students to follow. The Management and College Council personally work towards the proper organization of the social events and ensure the smooth functioning of the Students Representative Council, helping to build the future of Ghana!